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Configure the standard client to connect your DATEV Unternehmen online account
Configure the standard client to connect your DATEV Unternehmen online account

An overview on how the connection between Candis and DATEV Unternehmen online works and how to set it up initially

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To be able to export your uploaded documents including the already entered document data, you need to set up the connection to DATEV Unternehmen online via their interface called 'Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0'.

You may support your tax advisor on how to purchase and configure the Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0 interface with the following instruction: Bestellung und Einrichtung des Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0

Connecting Candis to your DATEV Unternehmen online account

As soon as you have a fully configured Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0 interface and correctly applied permissions on the DATEV side, you can continue with the connection to Candis.

For that, simply go to

  1. Settings

  2. DATEV-Datenservices and

  3. click on Connect.

The in-app guide will now lead you through the following steps. You have to log in to DATEV Unternehmen online via our interface connection, for what you need whether a mIDentity stick, a SmartCard, or a SmartLogin.

Candis will now show you a dropdown menu, where you can simply select the DATEV Unternehmen online client, you want to export to.

As you have selected the correct DATEV Unternehmen online client, the site will become scrollable, and you can select or unselect document types you can afterward assign to your uploaded invoices when starting approval processes.

You also have options, which type of export you want to use.

  • Document images: this option only transfers the PDFs without any already extracted data points to your DATEV Unternehmen online client.

  • Document data: this export uses the Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0 and will transfer all attached data to DATEV. If you don't have permission in DATEV, to use Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0, you won't be able to choose it as your standard export way.

We recommend you deactivate unnecessary document types, to prevent the wrong usage of your account.

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