You can add colleagues to your CANDIS workflows account via e-mail invitation and assign them the appropriate user rights.


are the first users who come into contact with invoices in CANDIS. Their task is to allocate the documents to the different approvers. A requester can view all invoices in the system.

Over the comment function he can ask further inquiries to specific invoices.


can only view, approve or reject documents that have been assigned to them. You can also contact other team members via the comment function.


have complete administrative access to the account and can therefore add users, create cost centers, create workflows and connect DATEV Unternehmen online. As well they can start the export.


The invited users must first accept your invitation and register their account before they can be integrated into an approval process or workflow.

Should it happen that the invited member has accidentally deleted the CANDIS invitation mail, an administrator can resend the invitation at any time:

Deactivate access for Users:

Admins can deactivate the access for specific user very easy. Just go to the users in the settings and click on "deactivate access". Additionally we reveal different task to you, maybe when the users is still involved in different approvals, cost centers or workflows.

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