Procedure for importing the contact data

Your contact data can be imported from DATEV under the menu item contacts.

You can select the submenu "Import" via the 3 dots at the top right of the screen. Here you can "upload" your file with the contact data.

You can then open the file using the "Select file" button and continue by clicking on the "Show preview" button.

The preview shows you whether certain data is missing or duplicates have been recognized. The following data can be imported in DATEV format using the master data export:

  1. Contact name

  2. Accounts payable number

  3. IBAN

  4. VAT ID No.

The contact name is a mandatory field and cannot be imported without content.

  • The note (duplicate) is recognized by the payable account number and/or the contact name. If the number or name is identical to the contact in CANDIS, this is displayed with the note (duplicate) next to the relevant field and is not imported.

  • The note (missing) is displayed everywhere where no information has been stored in the file.

Procedure for duplicates and missing contact names

If the contact is recognized as a duplicate or the name of the contact does not exist, then this contact and thus the associated account payable number will not be imported, and a warning will be displayed after the import.

Clicking on the link will take you directly to the import history. Here the import is displayed, and you can re-export all imported and faulty files.

The corresponding changes can be made in the file afterward. In column G we have given you the reason for not importing the contact.

After adjusting the file, it can be uploaded in the same way as the original.

Important: In order to enable smooth working and to use functions such as the next free account payable number, it is imperative that all contacts have been imported without exception.

If contacts already exist, they must be completed in CANDIS with the account payable number. The import does not add any contact data, but only imports contacts that do not yet exist.

Your file comes from a third-party program and cannot be imported?

In this case, you can download a sample and transfer your data to the sample. To do this, select the button "Download CSV sample file" in the menu "Import contacts" (Contacts > 3 points > Import).

The following data can be imported into CANDIS using the sample file:

  1. Contact name

  2. Account payable number

  3. IBAN

  4. Tax number

  5. VAT no.

  6. Due date

Essential: The file can only be uploaded in CSV format and the account description (company name) must be provided as mandatory information. All other information is optional.

Make sure that the character set is formatted in UTF-8. This is the only way to ensure that all special characters are displayed without errors.

Critical: When importing, use the preview to check the correct display - once imported, contacts cannot be deleted, but must be renamed manually!

What do I need to consider before importing?

The import enables you to take over your contact names and the corresponding accounts payable numbers from your subsequent program, e.g. DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen.

Significant: Before importing, please make sure that the names of the contacts are almost identical to the names of the contacts on the invoices and do not contain any abbreviations of your choice. If the contact names differ greatly, the contact may not be reliably recognized in the processing.

The creation of new accounts payable numbers in CANDIS

After the import, it is possible that you will be shown the next free account payable number when adding new contacts. Please note that when using this function, you must ensure that there are no accounts payable numbers in your subsequent programs that have not been imported into CANDIS.

Recommendation: Accounts payable numbers may only be assigned in one program. If this is CANDIS, then a new account payable number should only be assigned there otherwise, this can lead to an account payable number being selected that has already been assigned in the subsequent program. The accounts payable numbers in DATEV refer to the contact in the master data, and this data in turn is used for payment. If an account payable number is assigned to two contacts, then identical payment information and thus IBAN is assigned to two contacts.

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