In order to export contacts from DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen, the accounting must first be opened. At

  1. "Bestand"

  2. "Exportieren"

  3. "DATEV-Format" you get directly to the export menu.

In the Export DATEV format menu

  1. The "Stammdaten" tab must be selected.

  2. Under "Debitoren/Kreditoren" make the appropriate selection whether only payables, accounts receivable, or both are to be exported.

  3. The check mark at "Nur geänderte Daten exportieren" must be removed.

  4. Under "Zieldatenpfad", you can optionally select a location other than the one suggested by DATEV.

  5. With a click on "Exportieren" the file will be saved to the previously specified target data path.

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