In order to export account payable numbers from DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen, the Buchführung must first be opened. Under

  1. Bestand

  2. Export

  3. ASCII-Daten you can directly access the export menu.

In Formatauswahl,

  1. Stammdaten

  2. Kontobeschriftungen

  3. Kontobeschriftungen für Unternehmen online must be selected.

Now the Filename can be determined. In this example, we have used "Kreditoren.csv".

Please make sure that the extension ".csv" is applied.

Afterward, the scope of accounts can still be narrowed down. There is the possibility between:

  • Named accounts (Beschriftete Konten (Standard, Kanzlei, Individuell)

  • Used accounts (Genutzte Konten)

  • Booked accounts (Bebuchte Konten)

  • Individually named accounts (Individuell beschriftete Konten)

In the example, we have followed the procedure recommended by DATEV and have chosen "Beschriftete Konten (Standard, Kanzlei, Individuell)".

Furthermore, we have chosen to limit the expenses slightly and have only entered the accounts from 70000 to 99999. This entry exports all the creditor accounts even those that have never been booked too.

What you choose here and what range you take is up to you.

Finally, the file can be generated by clicking on "Export". This will be stored in the previously selected target data path.

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