Since you are using web-based software with CANDIS and you must not install the application, your Internet browser is, so to speak, your operating system.

  • CANDIS is optimized for the Google Chrome Browser, therefore we recommend every user to work with Chrome to avoid display errors.

    The use of the Google Chrome Browser has become so widely accepted that it is also officially supported by DATEV (

  • Since the Microsoft Edge Browser is also based on Chromium since version number 83, you can also use it (from version number 83).

  • You can also work with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, but please note that the combination of mIDentity Stick and Mozilla Firefox may work, but is not officially supported by DATEV.

Additional information for DATEV customers:

When you are using a computer with macOS, you have to use a Smart-Login for DATEV Unternehmen online.

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