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How do I pay or transfer my invoice with Candis?
Upload outgoing invoices to CandisCandis optimizes your invoice receiving process and therefore focuses on the processing of incoming invoices.
Re-Export in another formatIf you need to work with your data somewhere else except your accounting tool, you can simply re-export the data in another format.
How are contacts suggested?Candis recognizes contacts even if the name is not extracted quite correctly.
Candis assigns invoices to a wrong contact or there is a duplicate contact already in placeIf Candis regularly suggests wrong contacts, verify your contact data or merge contacts if necessary
Work with the delivery dateIn addition to the invoice date, a delivery date can be entered. In DATEV, services can thus be booked on a periodic accounting basis.
Search and filter documents in CandisSearch your documents and refine the search results with filters and sorting.
Is it possible to download a single invoice?Invoices can be downloaded individually as a PDF, e.g. in case they need to be processed in other systems than Candis.
Check for duplicatesHow Candis supports with the identification of duplicates.
💡 Reimbursement of ExpensesHow do I deal with expenses in Candis?
Storage of "Other" documentsHow to store and search for quotes, order confirmations, purchase orders, delivery bills, contracts & other documents in Candis.
Is there a Candis mobile app?Functionalities of the Candis Mobile App
Extending account number lengthHow to extend your G/L accounts or account payable numbers