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Upload outgoing invoices to CandisCandis optimizes your invoice receiving process and therefore focuses on the processing of incoming invoices.
Re-Export in another formatIf you need to work with your data somewhere else except your accounting tool, you can simply re-export the data in another format.
How are contacts suggested?Candis recognizes contacts even if the name is not extracted quite correctly.
Candis assigns invoices to a wrong contact or there is a duplicate contact already in placeIf Candis regularly suggests wrong contacts, verify your contact data or merge contacts if necessary
Work with the delivery dateIn addition to the invoice date, a delivery date can be entered. In DATEV, services can thus be booked on a periodic accounting basis.
Search and filter documents in CandisSearch your documents and refine the search results with filters and sorting.
Is it possible to download a single invoice?Invoices can be downloaded individually as a PDF, e.g. in case they need to be processed in other systems than Candis.
Can OCR recognition be improved?There is no direct invoice layout, but certain keywords and unique designations improve the recognition rate.
Check for duplicatesHow Candis supports with the identification of duplicates.
💡 Reimbursement of ExpensesHow do I deal with expenses in Candis?
Is there a Candis mobile app?Functionalities of the Candis Mobile App
Extending account number lengthHow to extend your G/L accounts or account payable numbers
Activate Support ChatWhat to do if my support chat in Candis is not visible.
Extend your GL-Account numbers and your account payable numbersHow to adjust your account length

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