How the import into DATEV Rechnungswesen works

We show you how to retrieve and import accounting data in DATEV Rechnungswesen.

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After exporting from Candis, the data in DATEV Rechnungswesen must be fetched from the data centre and processed. This article explains how this works and what needs to be taken into account.

Importing booking batches and core data

1- Retrieving the data

To fetch the data from the Rechenzentrum, go to 'Mandant ergänzen' in the menu on the left. Now select the field 'Beleg-/Buchungsstapel und Stammdaten (RZ)' and click on 'Daten holen'.

2-Processing data

To process the exported posting batches and core data, open the 'Stapelverarbeitung' in the menu on the left. There you can see all exported batches:

  • Posting batch with invoices and provisions

  • Business partner core data

  • Payment conditions

  • Transaction batch with credit card transactions (if Candis credit cards are available).

To import the data into your DATEV Rechnungswesen file, select the batches and click on 'Verarbeiten'.

3- Processing the batch

Here you have the option of processing the posting batch into an existing batch or creating a new posting batch.

4- Posting documents

In the next step, go to 'Belege buchen' in the menu on the left and select the desired posting batch in the mask. The posting batches are not fixed, so that subsequent changes are still possible.

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