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Managing recurring credit card payments
Managing recurring credit card payments

How to manage subscriptions or other recurring payments

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In the Candis Credit Card Insights Dashboard, it is easy to manage recurring payments. These can be software subscriptions (e.g. Zoom), marketing expenses (e.g. Google Ads) or regular expenses for providers such as AWS (wherever cards are regularly charged).

Why it makes sense to keep track of recurring payments

The practical overview saves unnecessary costs due to unused subscriptions - by blocking cards, subscription costs can also be stopped immediately. You also have a clear overview of who is responsible for which tools.

You can find more information in our blog article (German only).

Adding a vendor to the list of recurring payments

Candis discovers typical providers of recurring credit card payments in your contacts and shows them to you in the suggestion list. The list of providers is constantly growing.

You can find the list of suggestions above and the list of recurring payments below:

You can link a recurring payment from the suggestion list to a credit card in two ways, as described below:

  • (1) The vendor is not yet being paid by Candis Visa Credit Card

  • (2)The vendor is already being paid by Candis Visa Credit Card

(1) The vendor is not yet being paid by Candis Visa Credit Card

If the provider is not yet paid with a credit card, you can simply link the provider with a new credit card. Clicking on "Create card" opens a menu where you can create a virtual card ("Create new card"). We will then already suggest the cardholder and the necessary limit (more on smart suggestions in the next section). Our recommendation is to create a card for each recurring payment. In principle, however, any number of providers can be linked to one credit card.

(2)The vendor is already being paid by Candis Visa Credit Card

If one of the vendors from the suggestion list is already paid with a Candis Visa Credit Card, our system will detect that as well. You can then easily add this provider to your list of recurring payments by clicking on "Link card". We will then suggest the card to which you can link the recurring payment.

As soon as a suggestion is added to the recurring payments list, it appears in the lower list. Once all suggestions are processed, the suggestion list disappears.

Adding a manual entry
Of course, it is also possible to add an entry manually to the list of recurring payments - that is, if it is not included in the default list.

After entering the name of the provider, it is possible to select whether this entry should be linked to an existing credit card or whether a new credit card should be created.

Intelligent suggestions when creating credit cards

Candis not only detects your recurring payments, but also suggests a cardholder and monthly limit when you create a recurring payment credit card.

Candis bases this on the most frequent approvers of the respective invoices of the vendor, whom we suggest as possible cardholders.

We calculate the limit from the highest monthly payment within the last year to this vendor. This way, you don't run the risk of a transaction failing because the limit is too low.

Manage the list of recurring payments

The overview list of all recurring credit card payments gives you various options for managing existing subscriptions, etc.

Next to each entry you will see the owner and the status of the recurring payment, as well as the last four digits of the credit card used by the provider.

The status of the recurring payment gives you important information and allows you to react to it quickly:

The list of recurring payments can also be sorted by four different variables:

This provides an easy overview if, for example, several credit cards exists for payments to one vendor (e.g. if several users pay with different cards at GoogleAds).

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