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Add-On for DATEV Self Bookers
Purchase and setup of the DATEV Buchungsdatenservice (add-on for DATEV self-bookers)
Purchase and setup of the DATEV Buchungsdatenservice (add-on for DATEV self-bookers)

How to order the Buchungsdatenservice and what to consider when setting it up.

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The Buchungsdatenservice is a cloud service of DATEV and enables the transfer of booking records, core data, and payment conditions to DATEV Kanzlei Rechnungswesen. This must be ordered for the portfolio and then the permission must be stored on the DATEV authentication medium. Note: It often happens that the Buchungsdatenservice is already accessible to all clients, but the permission to use it is missing.

A DATEV admin can provide these permissions.


  • Applications

  • Administration the

  • Rechteverwaltung online can be opened.

The Buchungsdatenservice must be activated here.

If this is not displayed under the cloud services accounting, then we have summarized the order of the Rechnungsdatenservice once for you:

Order Buchungsdatenservice

All the necessary settings can be made easily and conveniently via the MyDATEV client registration.

First, open the

  1. DATEV Arbeitsplatz

  2. Select the client you want to change.

  3. Use the program search on the right-hand side of the screen to open the "MyDATEV client registration".

In the next menu, you will see the name of the company. Now click on "Start registration".

Now you come to the product selection. Select the product "DATEV Buchungsdatenservice".

By clicking on "Weiter zu Personen festlegen" you can activate your users for the service....

...and order bindingly afterward.

Here are the prices of the DATEV for the Buchungsdatenservice (Stand 10.05. 23):

The calculation takes place according to transmitted booking records per client portfolio:

1.30 EUR/month up to 500

2.50 EUR/month up to 1.000

4.50 EUR/month up to 2.000

10.00 EUR/month up to 5000

15.00 EUR/month up to 10.000

27.00 EUR/month per further 10.000

The basic price of the scale of 1.30 EUR/month is always incurred when creating a client portfolio, regardless of the data transmission. Additional charge: When creating a client database, additional costs for DATEV vouchers online per client database arise (see DATEV price list under Art. No. 95157).

The prices do not include VAT. DATEV's terms and conditions apply.

The last step is to set up the Buchungsdatenservice. If necessary, this can only be done by your DATEV admin (usually the tax office).

If you also need to order DATEV Unternehmen online, you can do this in this step outlined in the screenshot below. If not, then this step can be skipped.

Note: When the api is connected in Candis there can be a delay of 10 - 15 min in some cases. The "Buchungsstapel" is not connecting in that case (split - wait - connect again).

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