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Is there a Candis mobile app?
Is there a Candis mobile app?

Functionalities of the Candis Mobile App

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Yes, there is!

With our mobile app, you can also use Candis on your smartphone.

For invoice approval, the following functions are available to you for assigned approvals:

  • approve or reject invoices

  • view invoice and zoom in

  • view invoice data such as business partner, accounts payable number, invoice date, total amount

  • view approval steps

  • view activity protocol

  • view and add comments

  • push notifications for new assigned approvals, new comments, or mentions in a comment

The following features are available for Candis Visa credit cards:

  • scan invoices and attach them to the transaction

  • display your own credit cards and view card details

  • as a cardholder: request new cards or card limits and lock your own cards

  • as a card manager: issue new cards and adjust limits, lock or cancel own cards

  • push notifications for new credit card payments, new comments on the transaction, mentions in a comments

  • filter for transactions

  • view activity protocol of a transaction

  • view and add comments on transactions

You can download our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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