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How to post invoices with a delivery date according to the period
How to post invoices with a delivery date according to the period

How the delivery date is extracted in Candis and how importing and posting in DATEV Rechnungswesen works.

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The delivery date is an optional date field that can be entered for each document in order to post invoices on an accrual basis. In this article, we explain how to enter the field in Candis and how it behaves when exporting to DATEV Rechnungswesen.

If only one delivery date is specified in the invoice and this is before the invoice date, there are no special points to note. If this is not the case, there are three scenarios for extracting the delivery date in Candis.

  • If the delivery date is after the invoice date, it is not extracted.

  • If several performance dates are extracted within the same month, the date of the first day of the period is extracted.

  • If several service dates are extracted that are not in the same month, they are not extracted.

Activating the delivery date in DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen

To use the delivery date, the field must first be activated in DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen. It is an optional field and can be found under 'Belege buchen' in the sidebar 'Eigenschaften'.

Einstellungen > Buchungssatz > Optionale Erfassungsfelder > Leistungsdatum

After activation, the field is visible in the 'Buchungsmaske' at the bottom of the screen.

Import delivery date with Buchungsdatenservice

When importing an invoice with a delivery date that is in a different period than the invoice date, a note with the following message will be displayed when processing the booking batch in Stapelverarbeitung:

Now select that the booking batch should be transferred despite the notes and go to 'Belege buchen' and open the booking batch.

When the invoice is now posted, a window 'Buchung der Leistungsperiode zuordnen' opens with a proposal in which posting period (batch) the posting record should be processed. Depending on the tax issue (e.g. input tax), additional information on the tax postings is displayed.

Under 'Stapel der Leistungsperiode auswählen' you can select the posting batch in which the posting record is to be processed. The batch of the accounting period is always suggested.

DATEV restrictions

  • DATEV does not allow service dates that lie in the future.

  • DATEV only allows the entry of a delivery date per document (not per booking).

  • DATEV only allows the entry of a delivery date as a date, not as a period.

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