The Belegviewer (document viewer) from Sesamsoft is a paid extension that must be activated for the SESAM-Fibu.

After activation, in order to be able to access the invoice viewer in conjunction with Candis, the following changes must be made.

This is done not in the program, but in your SESAM folder on the computer where SESAM-Fibu has been installed.

To do this, open the SESAM > Fibu folder. In this folder you will find the "Sesam.ini" (sometimes also Client.ini) file. This file can be opened with the text editor.

Under the entry [BELEGVIEWER] the following addition must be made:

Important: The "Company ID" must be completed with your own ID. You can find the

URL when you open and click on "Documents" in the main menu bar.

If you don't find the entry [BELEGVIEWER], then the extension is not unlocked.

As an example the line with the ID "thomas-heudecker-demo".

Note: All lines except the CommandGUID can be ignored in the image.

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