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How to manage your Candis credit card transactions
How to manage your Candis credit card transactions
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With a virtual or physical credit card from Candis, all credit card transactions are transferred to Candis in real time. You can easily add receipts in Candis and export your transactions and added receipts to DATEV without media interruption.

How do my credit card transactions get from my virtual Candis credit card to Candis?

Once you have ordered your Candis credit card, it is automatically linked to your account. Transactions are sent to Candis in real time.

Important: Transactions that are pending or have been declined are also visible in Candis.

Where can I view my credit card transactions?

In Candis, there are two places to view your transactions.


In the Inbox menu, you will find the "transactions" tab. Here you will see all transactions where no document has been added yet. Once a document has been uploaded to a transaction, that transaction will be removed from this table.


Also in the archive, as in the inbox, you will find the tab "transactions". Here you can see all credit card transactions.

How can I add a document to a transaction?


As soon as a receipt is uploaded to Candis (either via email import or manual upload), Candis tries to automatically match the receipt to the correct transaction. The matching process is usually completed within a few minutes, but can take up to 48 hours.

Once the document has been automatically added, the transaction is no longer displayed in the inbox - the document is then in the archive:

As soon as you click on the transaction, which was automatically matched, you can see this in different spots:

You can, of course, unlink a transaction anytime from a receipt:

Manually adding a transaction to a document

Click on a credit card transaction to open it. In the opened transactions you have the possibility to upload a document to your transaction by clicking the button "Select invoice". You can also attach an existing document.

After uploading, the transaction is no longer displayed in the inbox. The document is then in the inbox and can be edited by a requester.

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