Where is the possibility to create your own reports?

Click on the Candis logo in your left-hand navigation menu to access your personal dashboard. On the right side of your dashboard, you will find the area "Reports". Here you can start to create a report by clicking on "Create report".

What data can I use for reports?

Reports can be made for

  • Cost centers

  • G/L accounts

  • Contacts

After you have clicked on the button "Create report" in the dashboard, you can select in the following menu whether you want to create a report for cost centers, G/L accounts, or contacts.

Important: You can only create reports for cost centers or G/L accounts if they have been imported or created manually beforehand.

How can I create my report, and who can see it?

If you have decided on a certain data basis (cost centers, G/L accounts, contacts), you can make further restrictions in the following menu.

Firstly, you have to limit the data in the tab "Name and content". You can select several G/L accounts, cost centers or contacts to be included in your report.

Under "Name" you can define your own name and under "Share report with team members" it is possible to make this report available to your colleagues. After it has been created, it appears on their dashboard. However, editing these reports is still reserved for the creator.

Secondly, you can add a budget to your report. The budget can be set annually or quarterly.

Budgets are broken down by month in the monthly view. In the screenshot, we have indicated € 9,000 per quarter. Your budget is therefore divided by the 3 months and set to € 3,000 per month. This also applies to annual budgets. In this case, they are either divided by 4 in the quarterly view, or by 12 in the monthly view.

Finally, you can save your entries with "Save and close" and your report will be displayed on your dashboard and, if you have selected colleagues, on theirs.

If you have added a budget, the report will show how much of your budget has currently been used.

Important: Reports can only refer to the data of one Candis account. There is no possibility to create reports across several accounts or to make them visible in other accounts.

Can I move my reports or edit them afterward?

Each report has a submenu that you can call up by clicking on the 3 points next to the respective report. Here you can edit your report at any time, or delete reports that are no longer needed.

If you have too many reports or only want to see certain ones at a glance, you can use the "Move to other reports" button to move them behind the "Other reports" link.

How can you adjust time periods in the presentation of the reports?

In the Reports section of your dashboard, there is a button at the top right of the screen. With this button, you can set the time period and apply it to all your reports.

On the one hand, you can set the year, and on the other hand, you can display the following periods via the corresponding tabs.

  • Annual

  • Quarterly

  • Monthly

You can also use the arrow keys next to the button to go further and back.

You can also set an individual time period via the "custom" tab.

Are there any restrictions on the visualization of the data?

Yes! There are restrictions. These are derived from your rights. When creating, there are the following points to consider:

  1. The total is calculated from all invoices to which you have access and which contain the specified cost centers, G/L accounts, or contacts.

  2. For invoices that have been split, only the cost centers and G/L accounts for the relevant partial amounts are taken over.

  3. Are you a requester or administrator? Then invoices that are being processed and a cost center, a G/L account, or contacts have been read are also counted.

These restrictions are intended to prevent employees from gaining access to data in whose process they are not involved.

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