The import of G/L accounts

How to import G/L accounts?

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  1. Settings

  2. General Ledger Accounts

not only G/L Accounts can be created but also imported. With the 3 dots in the upper right corner, you can select the submenu "Import". Here you can upload your file with the G/L accounts.

The file must be in CSV format. Other formats are not supported. The structure is as follows:

  • The first column has the heading "Kontonummer"

  • The second column has the heading "Kontobezeichnung"

Make sure to use Windows-1252 as the character encoding. If not Umlaute like ä, ö, and ü won't be displayed properly.

Important: When importing the file, use the Preview in CANDIS to check whether all entries are displayed properly. If you still proceed to import, falsely uploaded cost centers / cost objects can't be deleted. They have to be corrected manually instead.

After you have added the file you can continue by clicking "Generate preview". The preview can contain the following additions:

  • (Duplicate)

  • (missing)

Duplicates are recognized by the account number. No G/L account can exist twice. Also, incorrect rows will not be imported. If a name or number is missing, it will be displayed in the preview.

Note: In case of more than 1000 ledger account the import-csv needs to be splitted. It is only possible to load 1000 ledger accounts at once. We are here to support if needed.

We have instructions for DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen.

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