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How to use the G/L accounts for the pre-accounting of invoices
How to use the G/L accounts for the pre-accounting of invoices

A brief introduction to work with G/L accounts in CANDIS.

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In order to use G/L accounts in the request (processing) or approval process, they must first be created. Only if G/L accounts exist in your CANDIS, you can add them to an invoice. In the settings, you will find the menu G/L accounts.

In the menu entry, "General Ledger Accounts" you will find the administration of your G/L accounts. Here you can

  • create,

  • upload or

  • archive them.

If you only want to create a few G/L accounts, you can add them under the menu button "New General Ledger Account". For the creation you only need

  • number and

  • G/L account description.

The numbers must be identical in CANDIS and in your accounting software.

TIP: The name of the account can vary. You can choose the name that best fits your company. Account names are often rather cryptic or difficult to understand. This designation will not be sent to the accounting or tax office.

If you have several G/L accounts, we recommend importing them into CANDIS.

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