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Cash ledger document types not correctly configured
Cash ledger document types not correctly configured
How to assign the document types in Candis and manage the "Kassenstammdaten" (cash register master data) in DATEV Unternehmen online.
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With the help of the document types, Candis can recognize which documents you want to send to which cash ledger. But how can you create these document types and how is the correct cash ledger addressed with the help of the cash account? We explain that here.

What are the requirements?

  1. The application "Kassenbuch online" must be activated.

  2. One other document type must exist and

  3. this document type must be linked to the corresponding cash account.

The application "Kassenbuch online"

The "Kassenbuch online" is an application in DATEV Unternehmen online. If this application is not activated for you, you can have it activated by your DATEV admin.

You can find instructions from DATEV in German here.

Other document types in Candis

In the menu

  1. "Settings" and

  2. "DATEV-Cloud-Services"

you will find your document types below the DATEV connection. All document types created in DATEV Unternehmen online are displayed here. For your "Kassenbuch online" you can use an existing document type or create a new one in DATEV Unternehmen online.

You can find instructions for creating document types from DATEV in German here.

Note: If you create a new document type, you have to click on "refresh this list".

Enter your "Kassenbuch online" cash account in Candis

Each cash ledger in DATEV Unternehmen online has a cash account. This cash account must be assigned to a document type. You can find the cash account in your cash master data in the application "Kassenbuch online" (DATEV Unternehmen online).

To do this, open in DATEV Unternehmen online

  1. your "applications" and

  2. select the "Kassenbuch" application.

There you can view the created cash registers. At the cash register click on the field

  1. "Optionen" and

  2. select "Kassenstammdaten verwalten".

Here you can view the account number from the accounting. This must be identical to the account of your document type.

Important: In the case of credit cards, the cash ledger minus check must be deactivated here! Credit cards can be in the minus in contrary to the cash register because the liabilities are only collected here and cleared at the end of the accounting period.

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