Before the cash and credit card documents can be sent to the appropriate cash ledger, under

  1. Settings

  2. DATEV connect online

  3. Document types

the corresponding cash account must be added to them.

Important: Remember that the document type is also activated for the processing view in CANDIS! You can see if a document type is activated or not on the right side. If the document type is activated under "CURRENT SETTING", then this can be used in the processing view.

The cash account decides in which cash ledger the document should be imported. If you are not sure which cash or credit card account to enter, you can look it up in DATEV Unternehmen online.

For that open

  1. DATEV Unternehmen online

  2. Applications

  3. Kassenbuch

you can view the created cash registers. Click on the

  1. Options field for the cash register and select

  2. Kassenstammdaten verwalten.

Here you can view the "Kontonummer aus der Buchf├╝hrung". This must be the same as the cash account of your document type.

Important: In the case of credit cards, the cash register Kassenminuspr├╝fung (minus check) must be deactivated here! Credit cards can be in the minus in comparison to the cash register because the liabilities are only collected here and cleared at the end of the accounting period.

Now that your cash register is successfully connected, you can easily send cash and credit card invoices with the next export. The export remains identical in CANDIS only the location in DATEV Unternehmen online is different.

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