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Cost center and cost object
You can import your existing Cost Centers and Cost Objects directly to Candis
You can import your existing Cost Centers and Cost Objects directly to Candis

When your accounting is working with cost center and cost object, just create a CSV list and upload it at once

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Export from DATEV Kanzlei Rechnungswesen

If your Accounting is using DATEV Kanzlei Rechnungswesen and has already set up all needed Cost Centers and Cost Objects, you can easily create an export in the ASCII format.

Just go to

  1. DATEV Kanzlei Rechnungswesen

  2. Bestand

  3. Export

  4. ASCII

  5. Kostenstellen

To export the Cost Objects, just choose Kostenträger instead of Kostenstellen.

Please make sure that the downloaded file is in CSV format and doesn't contain any header in the first line. It has to start with the Code in the first line and column, followed by the name in the next column.

Required format for Non-DATEV-Users

If you are not using DATEV, that's not a problem at all. You can also create separate CSV files for both - your Cost Centers and Cost Objects on your own. The three columns should contain

  1. Code of the Cost Center / Cost Object

  2. the second column has to stay empty

  3. Name of the Cost Center / Cost Object

Make sure to use Windows-1252 as the character encoding. If not Umlaute like ä, ö, and ü won't be displayed properly.

Important: When importing the file, use the Preview in Candis to check whether all entries are displayed properly. If you still proceed to import, falsely uploaded cost centers / cost objects can't be deleted. They have to be corrected manually instead.

Upload in CANDIS

Just go to

  1. Settings

  2. Cost Centers and

  3. click in the upper right corner on the three dots next to New Cost Center and choose Import.

The following window will let you choose the file for uploading. Depending on if the chosen file contains your Cost Centers or your Cost Objects, please make the correct selection.

Once you clicked on Generate Preview the preview will show you, which Cost Centers / Cost Objects your selected list contains, so you can check them once again before finally click on Start Import.

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