All uploaded digital receipts and receipt data are archived in Candis. Based on this data, possible duplicates can be identify at an early stage. This prevents the effort of double uploading receipts.

At which moment the duplicate check is triggered and what are your options to resolve duplicates?

The check identifies documents that are either identical or very similar. The logic behind this uses the digital receipt or receipt data. In the Inbox under the header „Processing“ and „Status“ you can spot a duplicate as this yellow symbol.

Trigger for flagging possible duplicates?

Possible duplicates are detected using the following criteria:

1. Identical content

2. Identical contact and invoice number

3. Identical contact, amount and invoice date

Note: A duplicate can also be triggered from entering receipt data. If you are processing a document and the data is similar or identical, you will also be informed about a possible duplicate.

How to deal with possible duplicates?

An Approval can only be requested once the duplicate notice has been resolved.

By clicking "Compare with original" you can display the document that caused the duplicate.

One can either delete or keep both - the original document and the possible duplicate. Left-sided one can consider the document that has already been processed in Candis. Right-sided the duplicate is displayed.

  1. If the receipt is not to confirmed as a duplicate, clicking "Keep" the processing carries on as know.

  2. If the duplicate detection is to confirm, the receipt can be deleted from Candis via "Delete duplicate“.

Important: Documents that have already been exported cannot be deleted.

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