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Approve invoices
I need to approve an invoice - what do I do?
I need to approve an invoice - what do I do?

You have been assigned an invoice for approval - how to proceed now.

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If you have the role of Approver within your company, your task is to confirm or reject requested approvals. The documents provided for you for approval can be found in the left menu under the item "Approvals".

Use the "Approve" and "Deny" buttons to perform the desired actions. If an invoice is to be rejected, a small window will appear asking you to specify a reason for rejecting this invoice.

All participants of your, possibly also multi-stage, approval process, are summarized under the item "Step" and here we also indicate the different states.

The hourglass...

...means here that the release is still pending.

A small green check mark...

...indicates that this Approver has already approved the invoice.

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