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Storage of "Other" documents
Storage of "Other" documents

How to store and search for quotes, order confirmations, purchase orders, delivery bills, contracts & other documents in Candis.

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The following user roles have access to this function:

Administrator ✅

Requester ✅

Approver ❌

Credit card manager ❌

Initially, documents that are not invoices also end up in the "Inbox".

Afterwards, you as requester/administrator can decide whether the document requires an approval process and should therefore also be included in the export to your accounting tool or whether you simply want to store the document so that you can find it again later.

In the upper right corner you can choose between "Release" and "File":

Now choose between the following document types:

➔ Offer

➔ Order confirmation

➔ Purchase order

➔ Delivery note

➔ Contract

➔ Other

In addition to a business partner name, you can assign a date, a document number, and a note.

Click on "File document" or "Delete document" to end the process accordingly.

You now have the possibility to search and filter your documents in the archive with the help of a full text search. To do this, use the "All documents" tab.

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