How Provisions work in Candis

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions on the subject of provisions in Candis with the add-on for DATEV self-bookers.

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One of the main functions of the add-on for DATEV self-bookers is the automatic creation and release of provisions for outstanding approvals. In this article you will learn:

  • For which invoices can provisions be created in Candis?

  • How provisions can be excluded from the export?

  • How the release of the provision works?

  • What happens if the invoice is rejected in the approval?

Creating provisions

Candis automatically creates provisions at the beginning of the month for approvals still outstanding from the previous month. This means that if an invoice from June is still in the approval process, an accrual entry is automatically created on 01 July.

You can see for which invoices provisions have been created in the export under 'Provisions'. On the right-hand side of the export overview you can also see exactly what is being exported.

Exclude provisions from the export

To exclude a provision from the export, remove the tick on the left-hand side either for individual provisions or for all provisions.

Important: This only applies to the current export; once the export is completed, all provisions are selected again.

Reversal of provisions

As soon as the invoice has been approved in Candis, a reversal is automatically generated. This is then displayed in the export under 'Reversals'.

With the export, the posting (under Approval) and the reversal for the provision are exported.

Invoice is rejected in the approval process

If the invoice is rejected in the approval process and a provision entry has already been exported, then a reversal is automatically generated.

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