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How to set yourself to "absent" in Candis

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In Candis, all users have the option of setting themselves to "absent".

If employees are out sick or forgot to enter their period of absence, the administrators can set the absence for them.

1) Click on your name in the upper right corner ➔ "My profile".
Define your period of absence. You can also leave a short note to indicate who should be assigned to your tasks during your absence. Save and you're done ;-)
The note will be shown to requesters and can help them choose a replacement.

If a team member forgets to enter an absence, this can also be done by an administrator.

Just select the team member in the settings and enter the absence information.

Absences of colleagues are displayed in all the relevant places in the tool via a small icon next to the profile picture.

Up to three days before we already indicate the upcoming absence.

As soon as you hover with the mouse over it, you can see all the details such as the current or upcoming absence period and the note.

Additional information:

➔ Absences can also be entered for the future.

➔ The absence turns off automatically as soon as the last day of the absence has passed.

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