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Credit Cards FAQs
Credit Cards FAQs
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What type of cards are offered?

Candis offers Visa credit cards, both virtual and physical. Our credit cards are neither prepaid nor debit cards and, therefore, are bank account independent, offer maximum card acceptance, and do not need to be charged in advance.

What are virtual cards?

Virtual cards work the same way as physical cards, only that no plastic version of the card is provided, with card data being only accessible via your Candis web app. Advantages of virtual cards include their instant availability. They also cannot be lost and are offered with a range of flexible usability options. Since they are offered at no extra cost, separate virtual cards can be issued for specific merchants or purchases with individual settings tailored to the specific use case. That way, if something is wrong with one card, there is no need to update card data across multiple merchants.

Where are Candis cards accepted?

Candis offers Visa cards, which are accepted by over 40 million online and offline retailers in over 200 countries.

Does Candis support Visa 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a free service facilitated by VISA that lets you transact securely on “Verified by Visa“ / “Visa Secure” online merchants using your Candis credit cards. It adds a security layer by an additional verification step. During this verification you must provide a one-time password that is only available to you.

All Candis credit cards are automatically equipped with 3D Secure. During your online purchase you will receive the one-time password via SMS, mobile app, or e-mail for the verification. This password you can input into the verification page that will show the Visa logo and confirm the payment by clicking confirm / send. If the password is correct, the transaction will be successful and otherwise declined. Candis credit cards also work at merchants that do not participate in Visa 3D secure program.

This service is offered due to the EU’s Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) which will mandate Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) before initiation of the payment. Therefore, Visa recently enhanced its security for online purchases including both e-commerce and m-commerce transactions to satisfy this new standard.

In case you are not receiving your one-time password, please check that your phone and / or e-mail address are up to date within your user area or call our hotline.

Learn more about Visa 3D Secure.

Question regarding the transition from Pliant to Candis

Why am I no longer receiving e-mail notifications about credit cards?

So far, users receive emails from Pliant that indicate specific things, such as when the credit card limit is at 80%. It may happen that during the transition phase these emails are not sent immediately from Candis. Within a few days, email notifications should be working again.

Can I continue to work in Pliant Web or Mobile App?

Yes, this is still possible for existing customers on a transitional basis, but we do not recommend this, as the use of two systems may lead to undesirable side effects.

Newly invited card users can no longer use Pliant, but can use our Candis smartphone app and our web app.

Are all Pliant Owners and Admins automatically assigned the Card Manager role in Candis?

Yes, all owners and admins in Pliant will become Candis Card Managers, as long as these people a) have a Candis account and b) have the "Administrator" role in Candis.

Why is it necessary to provide a mobile number in Candis?

In order to create and use credit cards, it is mandatory to provide a mobile number. When payments are made by credit card, an SMS with a verification code is sent (Visa 3D Secure procedure). In addition, all credit card users receive a unique code via SMS when they log in to Candis (two-factor authentication) to ensure maximum security.

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