If you still want to upload outgoing invoices, then you should consider the following:


Outgoing invoices are created by yourself. Candis cannot receive document record data, so your created invoices have to be read out again.

A good process is characterized by the fact that information can be sent and received by any program in the process chain. This is not possible for outgoing invoices and should rather be avoided.

Approval process

All invoices, regardless of whether they are incoming or outgoing invoices, must go through an approval process in Candis.

โž” Is this really necessary in your process?

Don't forget the document type!

For outgoing invoices, it is crucial to set your document type to "Outgoing invoice". Only if this has been done can the invoice arrive as a customer invoice in DATEV Enterprise online.

In the settings under "Smart Field Suggestions" you can activate the function that we automatically suggest the appropriate document type for outgoing invoices.

Processing & Pre-Accounting

Pre-accounting is possible in the same way as for incoming invoices. The only information you cannot specify is your customer account number.

Document volume

Outgoing invoices increase your document volume. Many companies have many more outgoing invoices than incoming invoices. This may mean that your booked package is no longer sufficient.

Tips for DATEV customers:

On the digital DATEV marketplace, you can easily see which tools for writing outgoing invoices offer a direct DATEV interface.

If you have any questions about this, you can always contact support@candis.io. We are happy to advise you ;-)

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