From the careful selection of sub-service providers to technical and organizational measures to the ongoing training/sensitization of employees, Candis takes data protection seriously.

Here accordingly all important documents/information on the topic.

1. Our official documents & information

a) Our Privacy Policy

Each customer acknowledges the privacy statements in the registration process.

You can also find it when you're logged in in Candis in your profile settings under privacy policy.

b) Our data protection officer

Data protection officer in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act:

Bitkom Servicegesellschaft mbH, Mr. Ali Tschakari

c) Contract Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

By using Candis, you commission Candis GmbH as a data processor. You can view and download the DPA here:

2) How does Candis ensure the security of my data?

a) Technical and organizational measures (TOMs)

Candis takes technical and organizational measures to protect data and continuously improves them in coordination with the appointed data protection officer.

Technical measures include, for example, end-to-end SSL encryption between the Candis data center and the browser. The data center itself is protected both technically and physically, data is backed up redundantly multiple times, and much more.

Organizational measures include, for example, strictly restricting access rights for Candis employees, professionally securing office space, and using complex passwords with regular changes.

Please refer to this article for details.

b) Careful selection of partners & service providers

We work exclusively with reputable companies that also convince us of their own data protection precautions. In addition to shareholders such as the Commerzbank Group and interface partners such as DATEV, cooperation partners such as Berliner Sparkasse, these are primarily service providers such as

Gini (OCR & data extraction)

> Participation of Deutsche Telekom


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