With the "Kassenbuch online" application you can manage a cash ledger in DATEV Unternehmen online. CANDIS offers the possibility that you can directly import your documents into the "Kassenbuch online". But how is this connection established, and what do you have to consider when processing? You can find out in that article.

Connect to the "Kassenbuch online"

In CANDIS, you will find the submenu "DATEVconnect Online" under the menu item "Settings".

If the "Document data" (Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0) is activated, the "Cash Ledger" will be displayed.

Note: This view is not yet active for all customers. The cash ledger is not displayed for customers without this view. Activation does not have to be made, but the requirements in the next paragraph must be met.

Click on the right slider to check your settings in the "Kassenbuch online". If your

  1. fiscal year in the journal is not up-to-date, you can find out here how to make the annual takeover.

  2. journal in CANDIS does not have an account number added yet, here we explain how to do the account assignment.

If any of these checks fail, then the journal will not be activated.

Export of the cash receipts to DATEV Unternehmen online

In the "Processing" the document types can be selected in the upper right corner. If you now select one of the previously linked document types linked to a cash account, these documents will be sent to the corresponding cash ledger in the next export with DATEVconnect online.

Tip: The cash ledger can also be used as a credit card. For this, however, the cash minus check (DATEV Unternehmen online) must be deactivated and since it is a cash ledger, it can only import documents in Euro. If you use a cash ledger as a credit card, you cannot use the credit card to make transfers in foreign currencies.

📣 Feedback? We are always interested in how you use CANDIS. You can schedule an interview about the cash ledger here.

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