Which export method can be used for Agenda and how to upload the data.

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To import document images with accounting records into Agenda, two export methods are used in combination.

Which export methods are required?

On the one hand the DATEV format CSV must be generated and afterward as a re-export the DATEV format XML.


The CSV must always be created first and the XML must be created based on the CSV.

This has to do with the fact that the CSV is month-specific and, unlike the XML, does not automatically have to contain the same data records.

How to perform the export?

  1. Download DATEV format CSV (Click here for instructions) and

  2. re-export as DATEV format XML.

TIP: Save both files in an empty folder. This will simplify the import into the Agenda Software.

  1. Select the export again.

  2. Click on "Re-export documents".

  3. Select the DATEV format XML icon.

  4. Execute the export by clicking on "Export".

If the DATEV Format XML and DATEV Format CSV are then saved in one folder, the following changes must be made to the CSV:

  1. Open CSV file.

  2. Select the content of column T.

  3. Click "Suchen und Auswählen" and

  4. select "Ersetzen".

  5. Search BEDI ""and

  6. replace it with a blank character.

  7. Click again on "Suchen und Auswählen" and

  8. select "Ersetzen".

  9. Search "" and

  10. replace it with a blank character.

  11. Save file.

How does the import into Agenda work?

After you have saved all the data, go to Agenda,

  1. "Transfer" and

  2. "DATEV-Import-Assistent".

  3. Select your folder with the XML and CSV as the source directory.

  4. Then click on "Weiter".

In the next window, you will see a summary of both files. With a click on "Weiter", you get to the import settings. No changes have to be made here.

Note: Candis cannot send leading zeros and master data are also not included in the import. The files are purely accounting records and document images.

Click on "Importieren" to complete the process.

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