Under the menu item "Contacts" the contacts can also be imported.

What files can be imported?

Via the 3 dots in the upper right corner, you can select the submenu "Import". Here you can upload your file with the contacts.

Here you have the possibility to either

  1. directly import a file in DATEV format, or

  2. use our template for import.

You can create a template for import via the menu item "Download CSV template" and then upload it with the supplemented contacts.

Important: The file can only be uploaded in CSV format and the account description (company name) must be present as mandatory information. All other information is optional.

The import of contacts

After you have added the file, you can continue by clicking "Generate preview". The preview can contain the following additions:

  • (duplicate)

  • (missing)

Duplicates are recognized by the payable account number and the contact name. If the number or name is identical to the contact in CANDIS, then this will be indicated with the note (duplicate) next to the relevant field and will not be imported.

The note (missing) is displayed everywhere where no information has been stored in the file.

Important: The contact name is a mandatory field. The row will not be imported if the contact name is missing.

If you have uploaded a file with incorrect or duplicate contacts, a warning will be displayed after the import. With a click on the link, you will be redirected to the import history. Here all your imports are displayed, and you can re-export all imported as well as error files.

In the CSV, the appropriate changes can be made later. In the G column, we have given you the reason for not importing the contact.

After adjusting the file, it can be uploaded in the same way as the original one.

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