What are the requirements?

With the help of ADDISON SMART Connect invoices can be transferred to ADDISON OneClick in DATEV XML format.

The export of the ADDISON XML from Candis

Export can be found in the menu of the same name on the left navigation bar. As soon as documents are ready for export, the available export methods are displayed on the right side.

Then click on the ADDISON XML icon and start the export with the "Export" button. The download will be executed according to your browser settings.

  1. Open ADDISON OneClick

  2. Click on the first icon in the left navigation bar with the name "Finanzen".

  3. Then click on Smart Connect Integration.

If the Smart Connect integration is not displayed there, then this may have to be activated by your tax consultant's office.

In ADDISON SMART Connect, the following steps have to be executed:

  1. Open the "Import von Daten" menu item.

  2. Select the "Dateien importieren" tab.

  3. Candis must be selected under "Herkunft auswählen".

  4. Click on "Datei hinzufügen" at the bottom right of the screen to select the file from Candis.

Important: Data in XML format is always in zipped form. Please never unzip them, otherwise, no successful import of the data can take place.

With a click on "Importieren" the data is uploaded to ADDISON OneClick and is now available to the tax consultancy.

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