Which export method can be used for Simba and how to upload the data.

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Import in Simba

Simba offers the possibility to import digital invoices with structured document data in DATEV XML format.

For this you have to go to

  1. Zentrale Dienste

  2. Datenverwaltung

  3. Buchungsdatenimport in Simba.

In the first tab "1 Schnittstellendaten" you have to select the type "O DATEV Unternehmen online XML Dokumententyp invoice (auch Candis Belegimport)" in the field "Art der Schnittstelle".

In this menu, the data XML format can be selected under "Quelldatei". With a click on "OK" at the lower right edge of the screen the import can be completed.

Important: Data in XML format is always in zipped form. Please never unzip them, otherwise, no successful import of the data can take place.

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