Sesam offers a DATEV interface. With this, we can import booking records with a link to the document image in Candis.

Which export method is required, and how is the export executed?

For the import in Sesam, we need the DATEV format CSV. How you can download it, you can find out here.

How does the import into Sesam work?

In Sesam, you can find the import in the upper navigation bar under

  1. "Transfer",

  2. "Import DATEV PRO",

  3. "Stapel auswählen" and

  4. under "Offene Posten Neu" all creditors that have been added are displayed. Here, additional information such as IBAN and cash discount can be entered.

  5. By clicking on "in OP buchen" the creditor is taken over.

The batch can then be opened and booked via "Belege Erfassen Stapel".

Tip: Right-click on the booking entry to open the external document image (ext. Beleg anzeigen). If you have access to the document in Candis, it will be opened.

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