Contacts can be assigned an account in CANDIS. After a successful import of your contacts, you can automatically display the next free accounts payable number during processing.

Important: Please coordinate with your accounting department beforehand if you have never assigned accounts payable numbers before.

Assign a new accounts payable number

In the menu item "Processing" you can not only add your contact but also create an accounts payable number for it.

Important: This is the sole responsibility of the requester.

  1. Select "Add contact"

  2. Click in the accounts payable number field

  3. Now you can choose whether to accept or dismiss the proposal.

Afterward, the creation of the contact must be completed with the "Save contact" button.

What is important to consider when creating accounts payable numbers?

  1. Accounts payable numbers must have a uniform length within the account. CANDIS is optimized for DATEV. That means the requirements are as follows:

    The account length must be five characters long and starts with 7, 8, or 9.

  2. Accounts payable numbers may exist only once in the account. If the account payable number is already assigned, then the contact cannot be saved!

  3. Make sure that you do not assign an account payable number that is already used elsewhere in DATEV or another accounting program. In this case, we recommend importing the accounts payable numbers for the time being and accepting the automatic proposal.

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