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The accounts number assignment of business partners
The accounts number assignment of business partners

With Candis you can assign an individual accounts payable number to each contact.

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Contacts can be assigned an account-number in Candis.

Important: Please consult your accounting department or your tax office beforehand if you have never assigned vendor account numbers before. Assigning accounts to business partners is not mandatory and does not make sense in every case !

If the vendor accounts are assigned in DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen, it is NOT necessary to import the accounts back to Candis.

Since the account labeling is identical, in the future DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen will automatically fill in the account on the supplier's next invoice.

Assigning an account to a new contact:

In the menu Processing, you can not only add your business partner, but also assign it to an account.

Important: This is only reserved for the requester/admin.

When creating the business partner, you have the possibility to choose whether it is a supplier, customer or both.

Then you have the option to assign the accounts payable and/or accounts receivable number.

What do I have to take into account when assigning accounts?

  1. Depending on the accounting system you use, we only allow a certain type of accounts. For example, with a connected DATEV account, a vendor account may only begin with the digits 7, 8 or 9; with SAP users, alphanumeric variants are also allowed.

  2. Vendor/customer account numbers may only exist once in the account. If the account number is already assigned, then the business partner cannot be saved!

  3. Make sure that you do not assign an account number that is already used elsewhere in DATEV or another accounting program. Here we recommend to import the vendor account numbers for the time being and to take over the automatic proposal.

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