Account payable numbers can be added directly during the processing of existing or new contacts. In addition, they can be added later in the contact overview in the menu item contacts.

Important: Please consult your accounting department beforehand if you have never assigned an account payable number before. For DATEV users, the assignment of account payable numbers is not mandatory.

The contact is new?

Then you can assign a free account payable number for the contact.

  1. Click Add contact.

  2. Fill in the account number under the account payable number.

  3. Complete the creation by clicking on Save Contact.

What is important to consider while assigning account payable numbers?

  1. Account payable numbers must have a consistent length within the account. CANDIS is optimized for DATEV accounting and only allows lengths of 5 digits and longer and the number must start with 7, 8, or 9.

  2. Account payable numbers can only exist once in the account. If the account payable number is already assigned, then the contact cannot be saved.

  3. Make sure that you do not assign an account payable number that is already used elsewhere in DATEV or another accounting program. The coordination between accounting and requester is crucial here.

Tip: Either one agrees on the assignment, from a certain account payable number upwards like for example from 80000, or one gets an extract of the account payable numbers with name and account payable number. These lists can be generated by all accounting programs.

You don't know which account payable number has to be assigned during processing, and it's too time-consuming for you to look it up every time?

Then simply use the option to assign all account payable numbers via the menu Contacts.

  1. Open the Contact menu

  2. Click Missing account payable number

Then you will see all contacts without an account payable number. Before the next export, you can add them here.

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