If this error message "Current fiscal year or cash ledger application not found" appears, then the cash ledger in DATEV Unternehmen online is not set up correctly. During synchronization, CANDIS cannot exactly identify if a cash ledger does not exist or if it is due to a non-existent fiscal year.

Fiscal year not found in cash ledger


  1. DATEV Unternehmen online

  2. Application

  3. Select Kassenbuch (If there is no application Kassenbuch please continue with the instruction "Cash ledger setup".)

  4. Pencil icon (Wirtschaftsjahre bearbeiten)

  5. Select Wirtschaftsjahr 20XX anlegen

  6. Click on Wirtschaftsjahr anlegen to complete the process.

Carry out steps 4 - 6 (illustration 1 and 2) until the cash ledger is in the current fiscal year.

Now you can connect to the Kassenbuch online in CANDIS.

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