How does the export work?

Export can be found in the menu of the same name on the left navigation bar. As soon as documents are ready for export, the available export methods are displayed on the right side.

Then click on the XML icon and start the export with the "Export" button. The download will be executed according to your browser settings.

How is the DATEV XML structured?

The XML is always in a ZIP folder. In this folder are,

  1. the invoices in PDF format.

  2. The associated audit trail for each invoice in PDF format.

  3. One booking record for each invoice (XML document) with the identical name to the invoice.

  4. A document.xml containing the corresponding relations of the information from 1 to 3 (which invoice, with which audit trail belongs to which booking record).

Which accounting tools can we connect with the XML?

  • Simba (Click here for instructions)

  • Agenda (Click here for instructions)

  • ADDISON OneClick (Click here for instructions)

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