1. Possible use cases

  2. Export and booking (DATEV)

  3. Installation & ordering

  4. After the setup, the export is not working?

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The possible use cases for the cash ledger in DATEV Unternehmen online

Your DATEV Unternehmen online account can be upgraded with the application 'Kassenbuch online'. We would like to introduce two use cases for you:

Use it as a cash book

If the cash book is activated in DATEV it can be used to send invoices with structural data to DATEV Unternehmen online. The invoices with all the structural data will be sent directly into the cash book and can be accessed with DATEV Rechnungswesen. Are more cash books in use you can connect your cash account in CANDIS with the invoice type you use for exporting into the cash book. With the cash account, we ensure that the right invoices are sent to the right cash book.

Use it like a credit card

There is no possibility to import credit card invoices with transactions to DATEV Unternehmen online. But with the application 'Kassenbuch online' it is possible to upload invoices that are paid with a credit card with the structural data to the cash book. Which advantages does that provide?

  1. Split invoices by their payment.

  2. Create booking suggestions for invoices paid with credit cards.

  3. Import the credit cards separated from the invoices paid by the bank account.

You would like to use the application 'Kassenbuch online' as a solution for your credit cards, but it is not installed yet? Here are the requirements.

Export and booking (DATEV)

The export stays identical to the invoices with structural data. The invoices can be sent with the 'Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0' directly to DATEV Unternehmen online.

In DATEV Unternehmen online all the invoices are sent to the cash book and will only be shown there. With a click on the application 'Kassenbuch', all the cash books you have in place are shown.

There are new invoices since the last time you opened the cash book? A message will be shown in the upper right corner and inform the user that all the invoices should be 'festgeschrieben'. That means that all the invoices can not be changed after that. So if there are any changes to be made, now it's the time for that. After the 'Festschreibung' the invoices can be accessed from the bookkeeper in the bookkeeping software.

In DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen the invoices can be collected through 'Mandant ergänzen' > 'Kassen-/Rechnungsstapel aus Kassenbuch/Belege online' > 'Daten holen'.

With the function 'Buchungsvorschläge bearbeiten' it is possible to create the booking suggestions for the credit cards. The cash account, we linked to the document type in CANDIS is shown here so it is possible to import all the credit cards separately from each other. With the booking suggestions, it is possible to add rules to the bookings and book those automatically.


  • Kassenbuch online

  • The rights for the application 'Kassenbuch online'

  • The rights and the application for 'Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0'

Cash ledger setup

You don't know if it is already activated?

You can find the application 'Kassenbuch online' under the menu 'applications' in DATEV Unternehmen online. If you don't see the application here, your authentication medium does not have the right to use it. In the application 'Administration', your DATEV administrator can add those rights to your authentication medium.

The application 'Kassenbuch online is shown, but you receive the message: 'Für den gewählten Bestand ist kein Kassenbuch angelegt', which means that you have the rights but the application is not activated in your account. Your DATEV administrator can solve that problem with the following steps:

Order and installation in DATEV:

As a DATEV administrator, it is possible to add additional applications with the help of the application 'Stammdaten online'. There he can add the application 'Kassenbuch online' to your existing DATEV Unternehmen online account.

Choose 'Stammdaten online' from your applications and click on 'Neu/Erweitern'. Add your 'Berater- and Mandantennummer from the account you want to add the application. With the click on 'Rechte prüfen' your authentication medium is checked if you have the rights to administrate it.

After that, you can mark the application 'Kassenbuch online' and click on 'Weiter'.

Click so long at 'Weiter' till the menu 'Kassenbuch online' is shown. You have to fill out the settings for your first cash book to proceed. The cash book decides the use case in the future. Do you want to use it as a cashbook you can add the cash account from your accounting system (SKR04 #1600; SKR03 #1000). If you want to use it as a credit card, you can add the credit card account (SKR04 #3610; SKR03 #1730) from your accounting system.

Important! If you want to use it as a credit card you have to deactivate the 'Kassenminusprüfung'. A cashbook can not be smaller than 0. It is not possible to get more money out of your cashbook than it is in there. A credit card is always smaller than 0 and that is why it has to be deactivated.

To change that setting you have to go to your application 'Kassenbuch online' and click on 'Option' > 'Kassenstammdaten verwalten'. In that menu on the bottom, you can click on 'deaktivieren'. With the click on 'Speichern' the changes will be activated.

If you want to use more than one credit card or you want to use a certain document type you have to go to 'Belege online' and create custom document types. On the right menu in DATEV Unternehmen online you have to click on 'Stammdaten' > 'Belegtypen' > 'Verwalten'.

Here you can create new document types. On the bottom, you can see the submenu 'Belegtyp Neuanlage'. At 'Bitte wählen Sie einen Eintrag...' you have to choose 'Sonstige' and underneath you can name your new document type. In the picture, we used the credit card and named it after the card and the last 4 numbers to identify that credit card in CANDIS. You can choose whatever name suits you best. Please keep in mind that the name is used by your requester at the processing view in CANDIS.

Installation in CANDIS

In CANDIS you have to go to Settings > DATEVconnect online and reconnect your CANDIS Account with DATEV Unternehmen online. You have to disconnect your actual connection and reconnect it.

With the reconnection, the document types you created in DATEV Unternehmen online will be synced to CANDIS. After that you can deactivate the types you don't want to use in the processing view in CANDIS.

Now you have to add the cash account or credit card account to the document type you want to use for those invoices.

Invoices that are now processed with the document type 'Mastercard 7654' are now sent directly to your cashbook in DATEV Unternehmen online.

The installation is done but the export does not work or the invoices are not sent to the cashbook?

Here are some examples that can cause those problems:

The fiscal year in the cashbook does not match the invoice date?

To solve that problem you have to go to the cashbook in DATEV Unternehmen online. You can find the cashbook under applications > Kassenbuch. On the top right you can find the current fiscal year. With a click on the pen on the right side, you can open the

You have to mark the next fiscal year in the next menu and click on 'Wirtschaftsjahr anlegen'. It is possible that you have to do that multiple times till the actual fiscal year is displayed.

The 'Kassenminusprüfung' is not deactivated?

CANDIS is not able to detect if the 'Kassenminusprüfung' is deactivated in your cashbook. When your invoices are not imported to your cashbook then it might be that the 'Kassenminusprüfung' is not deactivated.

In DATEV Unternehmen online under applications > 'Kassenbuch' you can find every cashbook that is created in DATEV Unternehmen online. On every single cashbook, you can find the submenu 'Optionen'. There you can open the menu 'Kassenstammdaten verwalten'. Here you can deactivate the 'Kassenminusprüfung' by clicking on 'deaktivieren'. After that, you have to click on 'Speichern' to save the changes.

📣 You want to test the beta version for that new feature? In exchange for feedback, you can get early access. You can book an interview für the new cash ledger export here.

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