If you face wrong contact suggestions from Candis, it could be the case your companies own data, such as VAT ID, tax number or IBAN, was incorrectly used during the creation process.

Since the beginning of 2021, we have implemented a security feature that stores the data assigned during the registration process (VAT ID, tax number or IBAN) in the Candis account as the company's own metadata and provides you from assigning it to a new business partner

If, however, incorrect creditors are occasionally assigned during the contact readout, there are 2 ways to remedy the situation:

  1. Assign the correct data to the business partner - to do this, simply open and edit the contact in the 'Business Partner Menu'

  2. Simply delete the metadata

If you notice that a duplicate contact has been created - as shown in the figure above - you can quickly merge the two contacts.

To do this, simply select the checkbox on the left side and select 'Merge contact'.

Please take the warning seriously - once merged contacts cannot be separated again.

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