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Candis assigns invoices to a wrong contact or there is a duplicate contact already in place
Candis assigns invoices to a wrong contact or there is a duplicate contact already in place

If Candis regularly suggests wrong contacts, verify your contact data or merge contacts if necessary

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Your own VAT ID, tax number or IBAN often appears on incoming invoices.

e.g. "We will debit the amount from the following account: DE 01 1234 1234 1234 12"

Whenever these details on your suppliers' invoices are not clearly declared as e.g. your own VAT ID, tax number or IBAN, there is a risk that Candis will read this data and you will save it incorrectly.

So if your own tax number is saved with the Telekom contact and the next day you receive an invoice from Würth on which your own tax number is also printed, the Würth invoice will be assigned to the "Telekom" contact.

Now I'll show you how to:

1. Solve the problem ad hoc

Ad hoc help:

➔ Go to the "Contacts" menu

➔ Use the filter symbol next to the contact name to search for the business partner that is incorrectly assigned and select it

➔ Your own VAT ID, tax number or IBAN is now 100% displayed here

➔ Correct the data or delete it from the contact

➔ Save, that's it ✅

If you now upload new invoices, this contact will no longer be incorrectly assigned. For all invoices that have already been uploaded, you must correct the contact manually.

Avoid incorrect allocation permanently:

You can simply enter your own VAT ID and tax number for each of your Candis companies. This means that they will never be assigned to a contact again and we will only read the business partner's data.

➔ Switch to the company for which you want to store the data

➔ Settings ➔ My organizations

➔ Select company ➔ Enter data ➔ Done ✅

Merge duplicate business partners:

If you notice that a duplicate contact has crept in - as shown in the image above - the two contacts can be quickly linked together.

To do this, simply select the checkbox on the left-hand side of all contacts to be linked and then select 'Merge business partners'.

Please take the warning seriously - once linked, contacts cannot be unlinked again.

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