If you want to request approval then you can decide how the order of approvers should be.

Multiple team members in one approval step

If you enter several people in an approval step (Figure: 1st approval step), all the people used will be assigned the invoice for approval when the request is made. The first person who then approves the invoice has acted on behalf of the others. So only one person is needed.

Create a multi-stage process

If you define multiple approval steps instead, the invoice must be confirmed chronologically in each approval step - here the first approval step starts with the first approval.

In the scenario shown above, the approval hierarchy looks like this:

  1. Lars OR René must approve the document

  2. after a successful first step, the document subsequently will be approved by Emin.

Tip: If you want to speed up the process, assign an invoice to several people for each approval step. This increases the probability that an invoice can be approved immediately. The person who approves the invoice at the end is documented in the audit trail anyway.

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