The most comfortable way to import documents to the Candis account is the Mail-Sync feature. Go to

  1. Settings

  2. Mail-Sync you will find the unique mail-sync address of your account.

This address is permanently assigned to the Candis account and cannot be changed. In addition, this menu view contains the history, as an overview of mails and the attached documents that were imported to the Candis account in the past.

With clicking on an actual mail, you will find additional information like:

  • date of receipt

  • sender

  • subject

  • text- & HTML-content

  • attached documents

All documents extracted by Candis are accessible by clicking on "Open in Candis".

💡Tip: Configure an automated forwarding rule to the Candis account from your invoice address. Nearly all Candis users are automatically forwarding their incoming emails that contain invoices to the Candis account. For that, we recommend you establish a dedicated mail address for incoming invoices only, e.g. like Just advise your team members to send invoices only to that specific address and nowhere else.

⚠️ Important: Some suppliers send out their mails without standardized transport encryption. These mails are rejected by our servers and would therefore be lost. This was prevented by setting up forwarding.

Mail forwarding with Outlook/Microsoft 365 in combination with a Microsoft Exchange Server:

On the mail server (Exchange Online) there is usually a policy in the antispam settings that blocks automatic forwarding to external email addresses by default.

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