Upload via e-mail import

The most comfortable way to send invoices to your CANDIS account is to send them to your own import email address. You can find this under

  1. Settings

  2. Mail-Sync

You don't need a subject or message text for the email - simply attach your invoice you want to be approved in PDF format and send the email.

Not only that, but you can find a list of all e-mails received in your CANDIS account directly in this overview.

Tip: If you have an incoming invoice mailbox, you can easily set up a permanent forwarding to the CANDIS import e-mail address. This saves you the manual forwarding of incoming invoices.

Manual upload

If you still have an invoice to be approved directly on your computer, it can also be uploaded manually. Just click on the CANDIS logo in the upper left corner to get to the dashboard. Here you will find the upload button.

If you are not on the dashboard, you can also click on 'Import' in the upper right corner.

A new window will open where the invoices can be selected and uploaded. It is also possible to upload by drag&drop here.

If the upload was successful, you will find the uploaded invoices in the menu item 'Processing'.

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